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Tamara Tamara (tamara)

Hi I am Tamara, a month ago i joined show4yu hoping to find somone to have a nice relationship with. I think I was very lucky since i found a wonderful man, we had a couple of video calls via this platform and talked frequently. Overall very good experience using this site.

Marla (marla84) Marla (marla84)

When i first joined the site i didnt believe it was going to work for me, but after a couple of days i started having conversations with different matching profiles and found very nice people, i am truly enjoying my time on the site. Thanks to Show4yu i have met great people.

fernandoarenas fernandoarenas (fernandoarenas)

When i first joined this page my idea was to find a girl and not having to use dating sites anymore. A few days passed and i talked to many single women on the site, but i was greedy and wanted to meet many of them, unfortunately that didn't happen. After a few days i met a great woman and now i only stick to her, we have planned to meet in person!

MariLuna (marilunas10) MariLuna (marilunas10)

I don't normally write reviews about dating sites, but i feel i must do it for SHow4yu because of the good experience i have had using this platform. I have met great friends, which i talk to everyday, we are organizing a personal meeting soon so we can meet. Overall very good site, recommended!